Services Explained

A private chef

A private chef gives you so much more than just amazing food. A private chef yields you time. Valuable quality time with your family and friends. Because even if you like to cook yourself from time to time you will find shopping in many resorts during high-season a daunting task. Supermarkets have long lines and are often not right around the corner. Your private chef can do all this for you and have all meals and snacks ready upon your arrival. And you get to spend more time on beaches, slopes and by the pools clinking glasses while saluting the sunset.


A private butler

A private butler or more informally a host can and will make life so much easier and relaxed both for you and for your chef. It is one thing to have the meals prepared but a whole other story to have all meals and drinks served according to the highest of standards. Why get up to pour another glass of champagne or make another Gin-Tonic and interrupt a deep talk by the sunset when someone is there to gladly do it for you. Our butlers and hosts are thoroughly vetted and their references and backgrounds meticulously checked. We even have some staff members whose availability has become a prerequisite to clients for booking a villa holiday.


Daily housekeeping

It would be no holiday if you had to clean the property yourself. You can expect daily housekeeping on a 5 star luxury hotel level. With linen and towels changed frequently or upon request.


Our unique concierge services

Very discreetly our unique concierge service has snuck into the list of the most appreciated services. Your Concierge welcomes you at the doorstep, the house will be shown to you where most probably the WiFi code will be typed in by your kids first thing. Purchases will have been made and restaurants booked or ski boot fittings arranged. This is what we do. We look after you.

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