About us

True Luxury Villas has been our passion since 2001. What started with a few excellent villas and chalets quickly grew to a big but still carefully curated portfolio. Always keeping one important rule: only we decide which Villa goes up and meets the standards of our mission. Standards which have influenced the industry at a notable scale. Nobody can just list their villa with us or book a spot. All properties are visited, vetted, categorized, and documented. 

If a villa has made it into our portfolio it has accomplished a milestone. But the most important part is what happens when you arrive and when you actually stay there. In other words: The Service on site. We don't sell the "key under the mat or in the flower pot" and there is no “contactless check-in.” We prepare every home, we await you upon arrival, do the check-in together, and explain all gadgets or details. And if you have given us a shopping list before we will have purchased your favorite food and drinks before so you can start your holiday when you should: upon arrival.

Your perfect Villa Holiday is our mission - nothing else. Contact us at any time through one of the many different channels on offer. WhatsApp, email, or call us. A Villa Specialist is available for your plans and our teams in the resort are waiting to look after you during your stay.

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